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Range of manufacturing and production capabilities across a wide network of Indian and Global manufacturers, plants and SMEs/MSMEs.

Structural Fabrication

Network of structural fabricators experienced in design, fabrication and supply of strucutures and equipments for power, steel, oil & gas, renewable energy and material handling


Co-ordination of domestic and international of various forgings across multiple industries in collaboration with international partners across 5 countries


Dedicated units across India for nitriding partnerships and organizations


Partnership with multiple workshops Pan India to aid in 'Make in India' movement. Any equipment machining and manufacturing done in India with design and tech partnerships with OEMs.

Erection & Commissioning

We have Pan India dedicated contractors working with us for erection and commissioning of civil and structural projects for different equipment and plants across industries

Precision Machining

Collaboration with ISO Certified machine shops to develop complex parts across industries from power, iron and steel, oil and gas through a broad variety of metals and sizing.


“Build AatmaNirbhar India by collaborating with leading global OEMs and experts to cater to the billions.”


Tender Documentation

Dedicated team of professionals are associated with us for preparation of tender documents, execution, legal procedures and overall tender procedures in India


Providing dedicated workforce for Annual Maintenance Contracts of different machines and equipments in any industry across India.

Solar Installations

Panel of solar plant manufacturers and medium scaled industries to do any kind of solar installations and maintenance in India

Representation / Agentship

We can act as authorized representatives / agents for global OEMs in the Indian market


Joint Ventures

Embark on the new growth story of India with  joint ventures with leading national and private industries in the country. Contact us to know more about the process and requirements.


Grow your business in India by setting up subsidiaries. We provide consultation throughout the entire process and connect you to interested parties across industries.

Design & Engineering

Experts for basic design & engineering projects, detailed design projects in the field of process plants, water projects, equipments, solar etc.


Internet of Things (IOT)

Partner with Indian firms on sensor and IOT implementation across key industries in infrastructure, retail, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing

Big Data / Analytics

Collaborate on analytics, data science and big data projects with Indian firms, state governments and government and partner on key state of the art projects.

Artificial Intelligence

Develop next-gen AI applications for scaled deployment across Smart Cities in India in collaboration with public and private agencies in the country.

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